Your partner’s anxiety disorder will impact your relationship, but there are ways you can help

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My first panic attack hit me out of nowhere when I was 12 years old. That was also my first visit to the emergency room for anxiety-related issues, and it led to the diagnosis of my anxiety disorder. It’s the same diagnosis my mom has, and my parents got me into talk therapy to help me work through my emotions.

Since that time in my childhood, my panic attacks have gotten far more severe. I’d have months and months of mild and infrequent panic attacks, and then, randomly, things would get so bad that I wouldn’t be able to calm myself down. …

The monogamist starts exploring on his own

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I recently got married to my partner of ten years. We followed strict health guidelines and had a small August wedding outdoors, with just a few of our closest friends and family.

I fought getting married for a long time. I’d already been married once, when I was 19. It was a terrible relationship and lasted four years. It left me completely turned off of the idea of marriage for a long, long time.

When I found my current partner, I knew he was someone I wanted to be with for the long haul, marriage certificate or no.

But when I found my current partner, I knew he was someone I wanted to be with for the long haul, marriage certificate or no. Compared to my previous relationship, it was like night and day. There were no nasty below-the-belt arguments. He didn’t neglect me. He didn’t cheat. …

Bring your words off the page to captivate readers

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Close-up of microphone

Podcasting is still on the newer side of marketing tools, but it’s one of the very best ways to take things up a notch if you’re looking for new and different avenues to get your writing out there.

There are so many advantages to embracing this form of communication, including increased traffic to your blog or website, cross-promoting your work on multiple channels, and the unique quality of passive consumption (meaning potential readers can discover you and learn more about your writing when they’re doing things like driving or working out).

But these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Starting my sex and relationships podcast has been a much-needed anchor in the chaotic storm of 2020. …

Misogyny is still alive and kicking in women’s health

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The first time I had sex with my husband after giving birth was a memorable occasion, but not in a good way. It brought me back to the night I attempted to lose my virginity, which also happened to be my wedding night.

I say “attempted” because my husband wasn’t able to penetrate me beyond an inch or so, even though we tried for hours. We tried using his fingers, which worked fine. We tried making sure I was aroused by way of oral sex, which also worked fine. …

Evidence-based research and a glimmer of hope

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How true it is that 2020 will go down in infamy.

It goes without saying that COVID-19 turned an already challenging world completely on its head. Life as we knew it went absolutely berserk, and most of us spent much of the year just trying to keep up with assessing the damages and measuring the risks — all the while hoping for signs of light at the end of the tunnel.

For me, that light came with the announcement of an approved vaccine.

There are plenty of conspiracy theorists out there who would adamantly disagree that the vaccine is actually a good thing. But in my world, the world of medical progress and evidence-based research, the news stories about a legitimate, safe, and effective COVID-19 vaccine brought a glimmer of hope to a way of life that had been crushed.

A look at the articles that hit hardest this year — and taught me the most about my sexual self

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When looking back on my past year of writing on Medium, it’s clear that having the opportunity and privilege to publish in Sexual Tendencies has been one of the most impactful and formative experiences of my sex blogging endeavors.

I first thought of the idea of writing a weekly sex column as a way to write more consistently. Publishing Sexual Espresso every Monday was a way for me to practice the art of self-discipline, hone my craft, and — hopefully — reach a wider audience.

The fact that it has a home in Sexual Tendencies, thanks to one of the best editors around, is the icing on the cake. …

New year, new kinks

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“I hear you’re losing weight again, Mary Jane. Do you ever wonder who you’re losing it for?”

— “Mary Jane,” Jagged Little Pill, Alanis Morissette

That lyric spoke volumes to me growing up. As a teenager, I’d be driving around in my beat-up white station wagon, blasting Jagged Little Pill and rocking out to Alanis like I was cool.

I wasn’t old enough to appreciate the album until close to a decade after its release, but once I fell in love, I memorized all the lyrics. And when this line came up, I had an answer for it in my head. …

Being called out for protecting our safety online as sex writers

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I recently came across an article that called out sex writers who use pen names as being “pussies.”


The author invited others to share their thoughts, and I have a few. No, I don’t owe anyone an explanation (or my real name), but I’m happy to give several. (Explanations, I mean, not names.)

I’m passionate about the writing biz, and the decision to use a pen name or not is a fascinating and personal one. …


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