I’ve experienced a whole new level of orgasm — with the cutest toys ever

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If you’ve been following along with some of my more gut-wrenching, tell-all blog posts, then you know I’ve been living in a sexless marriage with a man who is dealing with erectile dysfunction.

I love my husband — and absolutely nothing about his health issues or the fact that we’re living as platonic friends will change that.

But still. A gal has needs.

So this was an opportune time to be approached by OSUGA to test two of their new (and may I say, cute and cuddly) sex toys.

I love that OSUGA is a sexual wellness brand designed by…

Some of the big bad wolves are out to devour us — or at least explain our feelings to us

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I opened my email the other day to find a rather blunt message.

“I wanna fuck your pussy,” it read.

There was no greeting. No sign-off. Only a subject line that said: “Hi about yourself.” And then that one-liner in the body of the email:

“I wanna fuck your pussy.”

Curt and to-the-point, if a little on-the-nose for my taste. I mean, a gal wants a little romance. A little effort, you know? This guy wasn’t one to mince words.

When I saw it, I felt no anger. Not a bit of embarrassment or a hint of panic. This kind…

An abusive relationship leaves lasting fear

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The day I moved into my new one-bedroom apartment with my son, relief washed over me. I had wriggled from the claws of my controlling ex-husband, free from the clutches of a traumatic marriage, free from four years of feeling trapped, afraid, and miserable.

It took a lot of emotional work to get over the guilt of breaking up my family. But in the end, I knew it would be better for my health — and ultimately, better for my son — if I left.

Despite my newfound freedom, there was still uncertainty. My son and I had lived with…

Kelly Torres makes some great points. She says it better than I'm able to convey.

I agree with you 100% that shaming is stressful, harmful, and completely counterproductive--and I'm against weight bias and weight stigma for any reason, against any body size (whether someone is judged for being too thin OR too fat).

I don't mean to imply a lack of empathy or disconnection with my "you do you" message. When I've said "you do what works for you" I mean I want to support people in whatever journey makes them happy, whether that be loving their curves, wanting to…

When you’re feeling trapped in your marriage

Image by Вероника Сбитнева from Pixabay

Recently, I’ve been contemplating divorcing my husband.

I’ve been daydreaming about it — breaking free from the confines of marriage and being single again. I think it’s something a lot of married people go through from time to time, and although it’s a difficult thing to talk about, it shouldn’t be something we feel we have to hide or be ashamed of.

I’ve jumped from one monogamous relationship to the next since I was 16 years old — and being free and single has been looking nice and shiny as of late.

Even though my relationship has been going through…

When you’re in a sexually unsatisfying long-term relationship

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This past weekend, after months of a nearly sexless marriage, I decided to make a move on my husband.

Shocking, I know.

To be brutally honest, I feel that my sexual needs have been completely neglected by him, and I just couldn’t take it any longer. I needed to be thoroughly fucked, and despite the other issues he and I have been having, I wanted to connect — both physically and emotionally.

I needed him to feel a burning, passionate desire for me. I needed to feel his hands on my body and his mouth on mine.

I wanted to…

This feels like some next-level gaslighting

Image by Renata Re from Pixabay

In my journey to improve my health and wellness, I’ve gotten lost within the dark side of the fat acceptance, body positivity, and Health At Every Size (HAES) communities.

Hi, I’m Holly, and I’m a food addict. I’m technically obese. My weight hopped into that range when I gained 60 pounds (in one year!) about five years back. I’ve slowly gained about 10 more pounds since then.

Most of this is a result of my struggle with binge eating, binge drinking, and spending more quality time with Netflix and Hulu than any sane person should.

Over the past several months…

Right now I think the message is I have no idea what the f*ck I'm doing? Writing is really a working-through/processing tough feelings for me.

Does curiosity kill the relationship?

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Have you ever thought about sneaking a peek at your significant other’s phone? More importantly — have you ever given in to the temptation and actually done it?

I have. Very recently.

For the first time ever in our 11-year relationship, I snuck a glimpse at my husband’s phone, which he had left out on the table after going to bed.

According to a survey by Whistle Out and Lux Insights, 50% of Americans admit to looking through their partner’s phone without said partner’s knowledge or permission. I’m not proud to admit that I’m among them.

I am not a…

Does my platonic friendship have such little value?

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

On Friday night, I was chatting with my friend on Facebook messenger. For the sake of protecting his identity, we’ll call him…Max. Max and I know each other in real life. We live in the same town, and our kids are both involved in some of the same extracurricular activities.

Now that things are opening up a bit, we recently gathered in person, outdoors, in a large group. It was an amazing thing, being able to see and talk to friends. I even hugged a few people.

Max and I had a chance to get caught up face to face…

Holly Bradshaw

Curious creature, pursuer of passion, unbeliever in limiting or lengthy bios. Email me at hollybradshaw.writer@gmail.com.

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