My Sexy Research with Medium’s Sweethearts, Emma and Jake Austin

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When I first started out on Medium, I knew I wanted to write honest and vulnerable essays about love, sex, and relationships — among other things.

I very quickly stumbled across Emma Austin and her sexy and sensual musings. I followed her work and felt inspired by how she was making a space for herself as a smart woman writer who could give sound sex advice and also entertain.

Next came Emma’s podcast, which was even more inspiring. I loved listening to the banter between her and her husband, Jake Austin. I listened while driving (as long as my teenage…

My husband’s emotional mistress threatened to “out” me in a sex scandal

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I have no words.

I have a million words.

This is how I’ve felt all week. This head-spinning whiplash from speechless to helpless to racing thoughts that just won’t quit.

Last week, I discovered text messages in my husband’s phone that immediately set the course of our relationship in a downward spiral. I had just switched his service to the new phone I’d gotten him, and he left his old one with me, still working and full of all his online text messages.

I confronted him first, and this helped things because he agreed to move out and give me…

His emotional affair has gone way too far — and now I have to confront him

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It’s been two days since I’ve read the texts. Two difficult, uncomfortable days full of emotional whiplash.

I was shocked when I found the messages on my husband’s old phone. Just a couple of days prior, I’d bought him a new one with more storage space because his old one was running so poorly. I had to set it all up for him and switch his account over (it took hours).

My curiosity is notorious. I already knew he’d been having an emotional affair with this woman, and that they are best friends. …

You were my ultimate — I was your consolation prize.

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At first, your love saved me.

I was drowning. Dying in a relationship that I was afraid to leave. I was afraid of his anger, his abuse, his retribution. But I did get out, and you were waiting on the other side.

I fell in love with you the first second I saw you.

Love at first sight is very real, at least for me. It might last for a minute and be gone. Or, it might last for over a decade.

Of course, I didn’t actually know you yet. I didn’t know how well we’d immediately hit it off…

My deepest desires are being fulfilled — but only in my sleep

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I wake up pleasantly enough, the muscles in my vulva contracting as an orgasm slowly ripples through me.

The crash comes when I realize it was only a dream. The orgasm was real enough, but not the deep emotional and physical connection I longed to experience with another. That was all just my overactive imagination.

Whenever I come in my sleep, it’s not a super-strong, mind-blowing climax — but it is extremely pleasurable. And it’s definitely intense enough to wake me up. …

Will this be the tipping point for us?

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So many are suffering from unemployment right now. In the U.S. alone, it’s around 9.3 million.

There’s no question that unemployment rates are higher as a result of the pandemic. And sadly, after 18 years of dedication to his job, my husband has unexpectedly joined the ranks of those who find themselves out of work.

It happened without warning. Last Monday, he came into my home office around 4:30 p.m. to let me know that he no longer had a job.

I’ve experienced a whole new level of orgasm — with the cutest toys ever

Image by Author

If you’ve been following along with some of my more gut-wrenching, tell-all blog posts, then you know I’ve been living in a sexless marriage with a man who is dealing with erectile dysfunction.

I love my husband — and absolutely nothing about his health issues or the fact that we’re living as platonic friends will change that.

But still. A gal has needs.

So this was an opportune time to be approached by OSUGA to test two of their new (and may I say, cute and cuddly) sex toys.

I love that OSUGA is a sexual wellness brand designed by…

Some of the big bad wolves are out to devour us — or at least explain our feelings to us

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I opened my email the other day to find a rather blunt message.

“I wanna fuck your pussy,” it read.

There was no greeting. No sign-off. Only a subject line that said: “Hi about yourself.” And then that one-liner in the body of the email:

“I wanna fuck your pussy.”

Curt and to-the-point, if a little on-the-nose for my taste. I mean, a gal wants a little romance. A little effort, you know? This guy wasn’t one to mince words.

When I saw it, I felt no anger. Not a bit of embarrassment or a hint of panic. This kind…

An abusive relationship leaves lasting fear

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The day I moved into my new one-bedroom apartment with my son, relief washed over me. I had wriggled from the claws of my controlling ex-husband, free from the clutches of a traumatic marriage, free from four years of feeling trapped, afraid, and miserable.

It took a lot of emotional work to get over the guilt of breaking up my family. But in the end, I knew it would be better for my health — and ultimately, better for my son — if I left.

Despite my newfound freedom, there was still uncertainty. My son and I had lived with…

Kelly Torres makes some great points. She says it better than I'm able to convey.

I agree with you 100% that shaming is stressful, harmful, and completely counterproductive--and I'm against weight bias and weight stigma for any reason, against any body size (whether someone is judged for being too thin OR too fat).

I don't mean to imply a lack of empathy or disconnection with my "you do you" message. When I've said "you do what works for you" I mean I want to support people in whatever journey makes them happy, whether that be loving their curves, wanting to…

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